Feel what you lived!

The main thing in Gran Angular is not who we are but who we want to be: narrators of every good thing that happens to you today and tomorrow.

Mentxu and Ricardo are a perfectly balanced team, each of them contributing a little bit of madness or a little bit of sanity, as required.

We join your stories and then we tell them using images, looking for spontaneity if you are outgoing; seeking discretion if you are shy; implementing madness if you like to go a little crazy; aiming for elegance if you are sophisticated.  Since two people can’t be the same, two results can’t be the same either.

Our most important tool is not the camera, it is EMPATHY.  We understand that without empathy you won’t be able to recognise yourselves in the final work.

We don’t follow trends, what is in, because trends are temporary but photography remains.  Our work has to be timeless, you have to see it in 20 years and still feel it is up-to-date.

We think that photography is a rising value, a long-term investment because, all things considered, it is the ability to stop time in an instant.  And that instant is unique and unrepeatable.  We always say that taking pictures and capturing moments are not the same thing.  We perpetuate your memories.  So when you see it again you will feel what you lived.

We are based in La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia province (Spain), but our place is the world, so we move around it.